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Task 36 helps you and your team do all the day-to-day and project planning and execution in the blink of an eye.

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Smart-basedTime is your most precious resource which is why we developed a revolutionary cloud based, smart project management tool. Our software adapts your plan in real time to any change making sure your team will never waste time again. Not only will our program actively assist you, but will also empower you to lead your projects to success.

OverviewWe have developed a smart, cloud-based project management tool that empowers you to make progress on all your work, faster. It provides you with continuously updated and optimized project plans. Because you are able to see everyones current work status, it becomes incredibly easy to make good decisions for your projects.

Ease of UseWith our smart scheduling software its never been easier to meet your deadlines. Our program has your back so your planning becomes incredibly simple and precise. Task 36 is easy to use in all aspects making managing projects very satisfying. With our smart tool, you can finally add, edit, and complete all aspects of your projectsincredibly smoothly.

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Stop wasting your time planning and organizing your day-to-day work and projects.
Start cranking on your tasks right away and always be up-to-date on your progress.
With Task 36 you and your team make more progress faster!

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